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Winter Creek
Twelve miles, across the Puget Sound, from downtown Seattle is a small forest we call Winter Creek. It's named for the stream that crosses the back of our forest, running strongly from winter to late spring. Once upon a time, the stream ran year long but damage to the stream, marshes, and forest upstream has made it more seasonal. In the recent past, the stream was used by salmon but blockages downstream have greatly limited the run.
The forest is strongly dominated by Big Leaf Maple (Acer macrophyllum), gigantic trees in their hundreds. Pockets of old Western Red Cedars (Thuja plicata) and other evergreens are found throughout, adding to the diversity and beauty of our forest. Over the last couple years, as we've grown to know the forest more, we’ve fallen more in love with it.
The pages that follow are a collection of facts and figures about our forest along with a growing set of ideas on the future plans for our forest. Over time these pages will grow as we move forward with our plans and as we gain more knowledge about the forest. Click on the buttons on the left hand side to look at the different subjects.
Note: Much of the data, aerial images and mapping information is gathered from the web. I’ve manipulated some of it to show important points about our forest. In many cases I haven’t figured out where the original data came from. As I track down a likely source I will link the page to it or note if I don’t know were the information came from. Look through the page or at the bottom of the page to find this information.