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Winter Creek
There are two major adjacent forest that would be great to conserve. Even better to add to our forest. A smaller forest to the south (marked pinkish) and a larger forest to the north (marked orangish).
South Land
The land to the south is around 17 acres. It is a mixed forest that was partially logged in the 90s and not replanted. Some invasives such as scotchbroom have gotten a foothold in open areas. Also the land has been used as a racetrack, for ATVs. In the image below the bright pink areas show some of the track (an effect of false coloring the wetland buffers orange but they can also be seen in the image above). As mentioned above, the wetland buffers are orange, the wetlands are in bright green and the buffer for a well is in blue. There is only a very small percentage of the land that can be legally built on. Half of the “build-able” land is not accessible because of wetlands and buffers. Because of these limitations the land is likely both cheep and/or ripe to be protected with a conservation easement.
This would be a wonderful piece of land to add to our forest. It has some nice forest that is still intact and would complete the wetlands on the north side. The invasives and damage could be cleaned up and repaired, during that a native glen could be formed from some of the racetrack.
North Land
To the north is 40 acres of clear-cut and hard treated forest. The spring and marsh that are the headwaters of our Winter Creek lay in this land. The stream has been damaged by the ATV racetrack that runs over this land, has been damaged by trash that has been dumped into it and the marsh. All has been damaged by clear-cutting without respecting wetland buffers. Clear-cutting feeds invasives and there are areas that would need to be burned clean to have a chance to heal. I do not have a copy of the buffers on this land and not sure they have even been mapped.
Being 40 acres it has so much potential, even with it’s damage. Having the headwaters would be wonderful, so that it could be fully protected. If the county upholds its rules on wetland and streams then this land still will be protected but holding it would let us improve it. In 40 acres of damaged land there would be the chance to make drastic changes, such as wildflower fields, or Garry oak (Quercus garryana) stands.
To see more of the buffers on the surround areas please visit the forest buffer plage by clicking here