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Tor Linbo

Winter Creek
Here are some things we could use to manage our forest and other things related to the forest that we wish for.
Saws and Logging Equipment
Having a forest means there are always trees that need to be cut down. Thinning to improve the growth of lead trees, removing fallen logs, or taking trees to use the lumber. I want to get to the point that I’m using all human powered logging tools. I need a collection of “old time” logging tools. I don’t think giving up the modern is the answer to everything and still want some gas-powered tools to make projects quicker and easier in the short time because time is so limited right now. Here are some of the things I'm hoping to get.
Game Cameras
Wildlife is often best watched from a distance or with secret means. We have started capturing images with a game camera. Our camera isn’t very fancy but we have captured some wildlife images so far. It would be nice to have a better camera so that smaller animals could be better tracked and larger animals could be better individually identified Cabela is a good source of game cameras, likely technical improvements will come soon with the improvements in digital cameras making them cheaper and better. these are interesting cameras with IR flashes for better night images and good image quality.
Any farm or forest needs a few guns to both take care of invasives and put down injured animals
Deer Rifle
Gardening Equipment
For both the homestead and for diversifying the forest, we will be gardening. We’ll need tools.
Other Things
There’s a divers number of “things” that would be great to have to help in our projects, many that I can’t fit in to much of a category
More Land
We enjoy and value our forest but a bigger forest is a better forest. It allows for a more stable environment and a forest that can handle change. We likely will never be able to add more land to our forest but it’s good to think about what we would do if we had the chance. There are two pieces next to our forest that would be a great fit. Click here to see these pices of land.