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Tor Linbo
Winter Creek
We plan to plant an orchard on our homestead and so I’ve been gathering information on what are the best cultivars for us to plant. Here is the information so far.
Apples Gravenstein, Liberty, Akane, Jonagold, Elstar (maybe), Chehalis (maybe), Spartan (maybe)
Sweet Japanese: Tsugaru, Homei, Akane, Beni Shogun (early Fuji)
Other Sweet: Sunrise
Sweet-Tart: Melrose
Cox Types: Alkmene, Cox's Orange Pippin(Queen's Cox), Elstar, Rubinette, Karmijn de Sonnaville
Mac Types: Red Cortland, Spartan, Empire (Thome, Royal), Jonamac
Oldtimers/Russets: Red Boskoop, Ashmead's Kernel
Disease Resistant: Pristine, Liberty, Enterprise
Apricots Puget Gold, Jannes, Tilton (maybe), Chinese(maybe)
Sweet Cherries Van, Angela, Hardy Giant, Emperor Francis, Labins, Lapins, Sweetheart
Tart Cherries Montmorency, English Morello
Chestnuts Revival,  Carolina, Layeroka,
Figs Desert King, Lattarula
Filberts Barcelona,Darianna
Papaws Ford Amend, Wilson,
Peaches Early Redhaven, Harken, Frost
Promising varieties:Redhaven, Harbelle, Frost, Harrow Diamond, Velvet, Harken, Redstar, Starfire
Pears Starkrimson, Orcus, Comice, Bosc, Clapp Favorite (Bennett),
Promising varieties Winter Pears: Taylor's Gold Comice, Stanard Comice Bosc, Conference
Asian Pears Shinseiki, Kosui, Chojuro
Promising varieties: Hamese, Kosui, Shinseiki, Chojuro, Mishirasu, Atago.
Persimmon Izu Asian, Ichi Ki Kei Jiro(maybe), Fuyu (maybe)
Plums/ Prunes Methley, Beauty, Shiro, Early Itallian, Seneca
Promising varieties: Early Laxton, Beauty (Japanese/Hybrid), Shiro (Japanese/Hybrid), Imperial Epineuse,Richards' Early Italian, Seneca, Victory, Queen Victoria, Longjohn, Valor, Stanley
Promising varieties: Kuban Burgundy 4 L, Obilnaja asian, Hollywood (Krymsk), Shiro
much from WSU extesion