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Tor Linbo
Winter Creek
I have misgivings about building a house in our forest.  Low land forest is being lost rapidly, and I don't want to be part of that.  Life is full of similar complex choices. It's just our duty to make the choice well, and limit damage as much as we can.  By building a home in our forest, there are some positives for our forest and nature in general.  First, right now we know we have trespassers in our forest and by living there we will be better able to protect the forest.  At present the trespassers seem to mostly dump trash and poach; both bad but they could move to theft of trees damaging the very heart of the forest.  In living in the forest, we could more actively manage the forest, be able to put more time in fighting the invasives, and support native plants.  Also the act of building our home will let us build habitat missing from the forest, such as year round water (during the driest summers). 
I also hesitate because the stress and strain of building a home.  I think through long term planning, we can build a home that fits our needs and also improves the good done by our forest.