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Winter Creek
Seattle is called the “Emerald City” because of the lush forests and vivid green growth surrounding and throughout the City. The whole Puget Sound, including Seattle is loosing its forest cover at a stunning rate. Lowland forests are being chopped up, cut down and paved over to make sprawling suburbs. The last thirty years as Seattle gained name recognition it has lost vast amounts of surrounding wild lands.
Our forest isn’t large, at 25 acres, but is becoming ever rarer as a lowland forest, near Seattle. Rarer still are the two large wetlands that are on the edge of our forest. As the surrounding forests fall to the ax, backyard, and strip mall we work to improve our forest. We attempt to make our forest healthy and able to stand on its own, hope that we can sustain populations of wild animals and native plants. We hope that there will be a change in the mind set and a move to protect our Puget Sound and it’s environment.
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