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Winter Creek

With the great diversity of plant life and soil types, there are different niche environments to support a variety of wildlife.
We are just beginning to get familiar with our property and have yet to visit all parts!  We have identified a few of our cohabitants, but we know this is a small sampling of what is out there.  Click on the animal names to see pictures.

Black-tailed Deer
    They used to frequently visit our property, which was nice because they kept the trails open.  However, surrounding rural/suburban development has decreased their visits.


Douglas Squirrel or Chickaree
    These squirrels are cute!  I don’t understand why they introduced the invasive larger and aggressive Eastern Gray Squirrel (which out competes the Douglas), because they thought the Eastern Gray Squirrel was cuter.  I think the Douglas has a lot of charm with it’s frequent calling and warning calls when they drop pine cones.

Eastern Gray Squirrel
     Unfortunately, through urbanization and habitat destruction, the invasive and non-native Eastern Gray Squirrel has spread to this area.  It adapts easily to human disturbed habitats

Northern Flying Squirrel

Mountain Beaver
    These beavers supposedly have the largest flea.  We luckily haven’t seen one yet, but the beavers burrow around a lot on the back half of our property.

Pacific Jumping Mouse

Deer Mouse

Shrew sp.
    Likely Trowbridge sp.  A family of shrews was spotted under some plywood we laid on the ground to attract garter snakes.  We were pleasantly surprised to find shrews instead.


Pacific Treefrog
    These frogs are quite active in the springtime.  The evening is filled with their calls.

Red-legged Frog

Red-backed Salamander


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We also have a game camera to capture images of critters that are more elusive or nocturnal.  Click here to look at the game camera pictures.

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