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Winter Creek
Survey Results Overlaid on Aerial Images
This false colored image shows layers of data from several sources. On top of that it has some downright guesses on my part. There is much I don't know about the path of surrounding streams or the spread of surround wetlands I don't honestly know the exact spread of streams and wetlands on our property. I've attempted to take what I do know and what I guess and present them here to start thinking about what needs to be managed and how,  where we could build a home, and what needs to be protected. The wetlands are in green, their buffers in orange and well sites in blue. For more images of buffers click here
Image Legend
Wetland Buffers*
Well Buffers*
*I am using layers of surveys to show where known wetlands and wells are. I have then taken the lead of those surveys and attempted to interpret what it means for the surrounding area, including our forest. This is an educated guess and likely has major flaws. The well that is on our property has been hidden since the 1970s and so is only a guess. The wetlands on the surrounding areas are guesses based on the fact that the water that runs down stream from our property must go somewhere and come from somewhere. Click here to see more of the layers that went into this page.