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Winter Creek
Puget Sound Forest Cover 1972 to 1996
This is the Puget Sound!
Home to many cities (Seattle for example), over 7 million people and our forest (look for the blue star between Bremerton and Seattle on the map).
We will be looking closer at the area highlighted on the map on the right.
These are satellite images of forest cover from 1972, 1986 and 1996. The blacker the area the fewer the trees. If you know the area you will also notice Mount Rainer's glaciers showing up in the bottom right. A bit north of Rainer is a checker board of clear cuts.
This is another pair of tree cover images. I've overlaid them (and with a little photo trickiness) so that the right hand panel shows progressive tree cover loss. Those areas that are black were lost by 1972 and are still gone, those areas that are red were lost in the 24 years between 1972 and 1996. White areas are where there still is tree cover. Yes the growth is shocking... what does it look like now?
To see an IR satellite study of impervious surface and land use of the Puget Sound from 2002, click here.
The forest cover data likely comes from The overlay is done by me from this data. I don’t know the source of the image of Seattle or the original source of the top maps.